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An Overview of MSHA Regulations

Shane SinhaSeptember 13, 20180

Mining is a very dangerous job. A report by ABC News back in 2010 detailed mining as one of the most dangerous occupations in the country, taking roughly 60 lives per year. Some of

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The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Shane SinhaSeptember 13, 20180

If you’ve landed on this article, there’s a strong chance that you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent. Who could blame you? From showcasing the perfect open house to helping families find their

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Understanding the Different Units of Measurement

James clarkSeptember 13, 20180

Measurement is a vital part of what we do on a daily basis. Subconsciously, we use it multiple times a day or even in just one transaction: from measuring kilograms in the kitchen to

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Top Workplace Safety Apps for iPhone

James clarkSeptember 12, 20180

Workplace safety is a real concern among corporations today, with more emphasis on providing a safe environment now than ever before. Employee awareness is the most important component in ensuring safety, as that provides

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How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri

Shane SinhaSeptember 11, 20180

If you’re reading this article, there’s a strong likelihood that you live in Missouri, and are interested in getting your real estate license. But before we discuss how to get a real estate license

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Top 5 Benefits of Restaurant LMS

James clarkAugust 28, 20180

Managing a restaurant is a real test of your entrepreneurial, behavioral, and management skills. The day offers no time to rest for the owners, as they juggle multiple tasks from leading the human resources

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence

James clarkAugust 23, 20180

Prevent Workplace Violence Violence in workplaces is a sad, dangerous reality. Without proper measures in place, even something as little as an argument can turn ugly for employees and businesses. There are, however, certain

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5 Basic First Aid Skills Everybody Should Know

Muddassir KatchiAugust 21, 20180

Emergency situations can arise anywhere, at any time, and without prior notice. In such a fast-paced world, tragedies are commonplace, and bystanders are often called into action following an incident. If you are a

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Importance of Learning Management Systems for Small Businesses

James clarkAugust 17, 20180

Restricted budgets, small staff, and limited skillsets collectively put small businesses at multiple disadvantages in comparison with medium-sized companies and large enterprises. One such disadvantage it has to face is in terms of providing

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Top 5 Signs of a Workplace Shooter

Muddassir KatchiAugust 17, 20180

Workplace violence and terrorism are growing concerns in many places. Sudden violence has morphed into a realistic, life-threatening possibility for most people. There were 500 workplace homicides in the United States in 2016, according

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