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Muddassir Katchi has been with since 2012 as the Product Line Manager. Being an Engineer by profession and an expert of Power, Industrial and Engineering space, Muddassir has contributed significantly towards these industries. He has been responsible for the release of NERC approved - quality courses, meeting the current compliance standards and fulfilling the regulatory requirements. Muddassir has vast experience of working with NERC, FERC and other state regulatory agencies. He is involved in the management of the education programs, production, monitoring and strategic planning - quarterly and yearly to provide quality education to individuals or institutions looking for best ways to develop their skills in the said industries.

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5 Basic First Aid Skills Everybody Should Know

Muddassir KatchiAugust 21, 20180

Emergency situations can arise anywhere, at any time, and without prior notice. In such a fast-paced world, tragedies are commonplace, and bystanders are often called into action following an incident. If you are a

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Top 5 Signs of a Workplace Shooter

Muddassir KatchiAugust 17, 20180

Workplace violence and terrorism are growing concerns in many places. Sudden violence has morphed into a realistic, life-threatening possibility for most people. There were 500 workplace homicides in the United States in 2016, according

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How to Receive Your Rigging Certification Online

Muddassir KatchiAugust 14, 20180

Introduction The Rigging Certification involves the training and education of riggers engaged in industrial hoisting and rigging activities.  As per Wikipedia, a rigger is a person who specializes in lifting and moving extremely large

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Mobile App for Hazardous Chemicals: CAMEO Chemicals

Muddassir KatchiAugust 10, 20180

Looking up information on hazardous chemicals had just been made more accessible and easy by CAMEO Chemicals, an app that comprises of a database of chemicals for planners and emergency responders. The app is

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How Hard Is The Florida Real Estate Exam?

Muddassir KatchiAugust 4, 20180

To acquire a Florida Real Estate License, you have to pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate examination with a grade of at least 75 or complete the Florida Real Estate Law Examination with

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Comprehensive Safety Plan for Business Efficiency

Muddassir KatchiJuly 15, 20180

A successful business is one with an ideal workplace. A cooperative, educated workplace that is kept as free from harm as possible. To avoid on-job injuries and fatalities, there is a critical need for

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What is an Electrical Substation?

Muddassir KatchiJune 26, 20180

Electrical substations are basically the interface that lies between transmission and distribution systems. These are designed to reduce voltage in transmission lines to levels that distribution systems can withstand. In-built circuit breakers protect the

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Exposure to Ammonia: What Are the Risks?

Muddassir KatchiJune 13, 20180

Ammonia refers to a chemical gas formed by mixing Nitrogen and Hydrogen atoms. It also occurs naturally from the decomposition of organic matter, such as animals, animal wastes, and plants. Although classified as an

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Guidelines for Long Term Fuel Storage of Diesel and Storage Tanks

Muddassir KatchiJune 12, 20180

Fuel prices have faced severe fluctuation in recent times, causing governments and stakeholders to analyze their methodologies about storing fuels. Fuel storage also saw a rise in the storage amounts. This change arose several

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Become An Effective Real Estate Agent

Muddassir KatchiJune 6, 20180

If you are a newly licensed real estate agent, you want to start creating positive impressions to your clients and colleagues. How would you achieve that? Here are some tips that can guide you

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