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5 Job Hunting Myths

360training.comJune 1, 20150

When you are searching for a new job, you are thinking of little else. You read your resume in an obsessive manner—trying to make sure you can stand out in a sea of hundreds

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4 Critical Skills That Successful People Have

360training.comMay 4, 20150

Are you looking for ways to make a positive impact on your career and take it to the next level? If you are, the best way to start your search is by doing some

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Career During the Holidays

360training.comDecember 29, 20140

The holidays are filled with merriment, laughter, and family reunions. Many people utilize this time of year to relax, refresh, and reflect. What many don’t realize is that it’s also a great time to

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Five Networking Strategies to Move Your Career Forward

360training.comOctober 27, 20140

To a large extent, your career depends on networking. Members of your network may hire you, act as references for you, alert you to job openings, and introduce you to potential employers or business

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Feeling Inspired? LinkedIn Finds Most Satisfying Careers

360training.comAugust 6, 20130

Are you inspired by your job? If not, what are you doing about it? There’s an interesting social experiment going on over at LinkedIn, where the professional social network is asking its 225 million

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3 More Questions You Have to Ask in Your Job Interview

James PalinsadMay 31, 20130

(Follow up article to “4 Questions to Ask During Job Interview”) It’s not a firing squad. It’s a job interview. So turn the tables, take control and ask the “right” questions. You’ll show the

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4 Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

James PalinsadMay 17, 20130

If you’re looking for a new career, chances are you’re ready to answer some tough interview questions. But are you prepared to ask a few of your own? Keeping your cool in the hot

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