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How to Find a Good Realtor

Angie ShipeSeptember 20, 20130

  HOW BUYERS AND SELLERS FIND THEIR REALTOR® It seems as though everywhere consumers look, a REALTOR® is trying to sell a home. With so many options for a real estate salesperson, how is

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Using Social Media to Bolster Your Business

Angie ShipeSeptember 6, 20130

As the real estate market rebounds in many areas, it is important for realtors to be at the top of their game and attract as many customers as possible.  Technologically speaking, it has never

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Show me the data!

Angie ShipeAugust 26, 20130

  Data can be an excellent selling point of any property.  Let’s be honest, purchasing a home is an investment.  Realtors want to not only make a home attractive to potential buyers, they also

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Building Connections With More Than Just the Property

Angie ShipeAugust 20, 20130

I often discuss technology and social media in my blogs.  These tools are not only reshaping the way we do business today, but they are also providing us training for whatever technology is around

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Popular 2013 Real Estate Statistics

Angie ShipeAugust 16, 20130

2013 is moving along and real estate is a hot topic everywhere you look.  Whether you are thinking of a new career in real estate or you are a seasoned veteran it’s important to

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Can Detroit’s Housing Market Rebound?

Angie ShipeAugust 6, 20130

Most of us in the real estate industry have read about Detroit’s housing woes.  In February of 2012, the Business Insider posted an article advertising 13 houses you could purchase in Detroit for less

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Mom, Dad, I’m Home!

Angie ShipeApril 12, 20130

In many parts of the United States today, adults are moving back into their aging parents’ home, motivated by the economic realities of post-recession, as well as by a resurgent sense of family. It’s

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Sold! The Seller’s Market Cometh

Angie ShipeApril 1, 20130

When the numbers are right, there’s no good reason anymore to wait for planets to align. And this February, the numbers are finally right. Sales of condominiums, co-ops, townhomes, and single-family homes nudged up

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