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Why Enrolling in Online Education May Be the Best Career Move You Can Make

360training.comOctober 13, 20140

Ideally, your job should be fulfilling. You may get a feeling of satisfaction when you overcome challenges and produce good work. Your drive may also come from the desire to advance your career through

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How Online Training Boosts Your Career Prospects

James PalinsadMay 3, 20130

Creating resumes and cover letters takes a lot of time and effort. Are you doing everything you can to make sure they don’t end up in a trash can in some human resources office

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The Future Belongs to the Online Campus

James PalinsadApril 19, 20130

Considering attending night classes to earn your insurance prelicensing requirements? Consider these first: Just ten years ago most American colleges and universities had no such thing as “online education” or anything close to a

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Sssh…Let’s Google ‘Cheating’

James PalinsadMarch 29, 20130

Have Google (or Bing or Ask or that perpetually eureka-moment Yahoo!) will …sssh… get that report done in a jiff. Whether it’s classroom education or online education, students will always be tempted to use

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4 Trends to Watch in Online Education

James PalinsadMarch 22, 20130

Whether you call it “e-learning,” “online education or “online training,” you can bet that the newest way to be a student is here to stay. In the United States alone, online training is growing

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Certifications Online or in the Classroom: Which is for You?

James PalinsadMarch 14, 20130

What isn’t online these days? Your business is. Your music is. So are the publications you read. And the movies you watch. Ditto your other hobbies. Not to mention your friendships. It only makes

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6 Good Reasons to Get Your Degree Online

James PalinsadFebruary 14, 20130

You already know that many colleges and universities offer online degree programs. But are they right for you? There are some great reasons for choosing a traditional on-campus school experience. But the benefits of

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