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How to Find a Good Realtor

Angie ShipeSeptember 20, 20130

  HOW BUYERS AND SELLERS FIND THEIR REALTOR® It seems as though everywhere consumers look, a REALTOR® is trying to sell a home. With so many options for a real estate salesperson, how is

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Using Social Media to Bolster Your Business

Angie ShipeSeptember 6, 20130

As the real estate market rebounds in many areas, it is important for realtors to be at the top of their game and attract as many customers as possible.  Technologically speaking, it has never

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The News on e-Newsletters for Today’s Real Estate Agents

360training.comAugust 22, 20130

Thanks to today’s Web-centric technologies, newspapers are all going online. The New York Times? Already online. Houston Chronicle? Already online. Nowadays, you’ll be hard put finding a newspaper that doesn’t have an online alter

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Blog to Engage: Some Tips for the Real Estate Agent Blogger

360training.comAugust 15, 20130

What started out in the ‘90s, when the World Wide Web was just finding its sea legs, as has now achieved world domination: blogging, that modem-powered 21st-century version of keeping a diary, has

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Agents Employ High-Tech Strategies to Market Real Estate

Angie ShipeJuly 19, 20130

Real estate is always changing. The ways people buy and sell are always changing as well. The National Association of Realtors®, America’s largest trade association, is giving us insight into exactly how things are

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