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How to Get Your Expired Real Estate License Back in South Carolina

Cara PahoyoJanuary 16, 20180

To practice real estate in South Carolina, you must have an active real estate license. Every two years, South Carolina licensees must renew their licenses by completing the required education and paperwork. Here are

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Getting Your Real Estate Pre-License in Montana Online

Angie ShipeNovember 10, 20130

In the US, a career in real estate is one of the attractive career paths that an individual can take. Real estate careers ranges from real estate salesperson, brokers, appraisers, home inspection agents and

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Michigan Real Estate License Renewal October Deadline

Angie ShipeOctober 14, 20130

ATTENTION ALL MICHIGAN REAL ESTATE AGENT! October has just started, and we would like to remind you of your legal duties and responsibilities which include completing your Michigan real estate continuing education credits before

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How Real Estate Exam Prep Courses Help Students Qualify for A License

Angie ShipeOctober 7, 20130

Do you ever wonder how license applicants are able to pass national real estate examinations and qualify for a real estate license? They did not simply aced their exams, they were able to prepare

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Importance of Having a Real Estate License

Angie ShipeAugust 19, 20130

Getting a License Becoming a real estate agent in the US requires an individual to have right training and education background to be qualified for the career and the job. It also requires the

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