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The Role of Social Media in Real Estate

Angie ShipeJune 29, 20150

  Nowadays, real estate marketing involves the heavy use of social media. There is a decreased focus on traditional forms of advertising like billboards, radio spots, and television commercials. Instead, social media tools like

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The Role Of Real Estate Agents In The Digital Age

Angie ShipeMay 27, 20150

Now that the digital age is upon us, some are questioning the role of the traditional real estate agent. While the Internet has eliminated some of the conventional duties of real estate agents, it

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Video Presentations and Webinars Becoming More Effective in Real Estate Marketing

360training.comJanuary 13, 20140

There have been many changes in the way agents gather prospective clients and strategizes their real estate marketing plan – and that includes the use of modern technology and social communities online. When you

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The Benefits of Using a Business Facebook Page in Real Estate

Mallory SetzerOctober 30, 20130

With the rise of social media outlets such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and instagram, it is more important now than ever for agents to find new and innovative ways to market themselves. Facebook is

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I’m still here – Maintaining client relationships

Angie ShipeSeptember 4, 20130

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter… it’s the difference between the Lightning Bug and the lightning. -Mark Twain   Maintaining client relationships, and building

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