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House Flipping Tips and Tricks

Cara PahoyoJanuary 26, 20180

You may be attracted to flipping by the possibility of a quick profit, and fixing and flipping houses looks like a lot of fun on T.V. But property flipping is not something you should

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3 Characteristics You Need to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent Washington

Cara PahoyoJanuary 26, 20180

The housing market is pretty hot in Washington, especially the western cities and towns. Prices are still rising. If you’re thinking about becoming a Washington real estate broker, you should review the steps to

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Five RE Trends to Watch for in 2018

Cara PahoyoJanuary 16, 20180

2017 is finally over and it’s time to look ahead and plan for what’s coming over the next 12 months. Top real estate agents stay on top of the local and national real estate

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International Ask a Question Day: What Are the Six Steps to Real Estate Success?

Angie ShipeMarch 10, 2014Comments Off on International Ask a Question Day: What Are the Six Steps to Real Estate Success?

1. Education To continue on the road to success, a real estate licensee must be licensed and must stay licensed. Attending training programs regarding time management and problem solving can also be very helpful.

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National Be Heard Day—The Importance of Word Choice in Real Estate Negotiating

Angie ShipeMarch 3, 20140

The words we choose generally reflect the way we understand the world. Similarly, our experiences and perspectives color the way we grasp and react to language. Because both of these things are true, negotiation

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Welcoming the Housing Market This 2014

Angie ShipeJanuary 20, 20140

Last years’ housing market was somehow, incredible. Real estate recovery was on a narrow road for buyers, sellers and investors trying to take advantage of low interest rates and affordable home prices in the

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