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What to Do About UST Releases?

Janet CornettJuly 29, 20180

UST releases and leaks can lead to serious environmental and health issues. If you think a tank has sprung leaks, the first thing you need to do is report the incident to the implementing

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What are the requirements for hazardous substance USTs?

Janet CornettJuly 27, 20180

All underground storage tanks (USTs) that contain substances that are hazardous as per the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) have to fulfill certain requirements. This includes the following: All hazardous USTs

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How Are UST systems that deferred in the 1998 UST regulation handled today?

Janet CornettJuly 26, 20180

Back in 2015, some UST categories were move from deferred to ‘partially excluded’ and some systems are now regulated by the EPA. The partially excluded UST systems and tanks include the following: Systems that

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Can UST Systems Be Repaired?

Janet CornettJuly 25, 20180

Yes, UST systems can be repaired if the personnel in charge of repair work follow appropriate industry standards and codes. Repairing piping and tanks After tanks and pipes have been repaired, you have 30

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How Much Does Cleanups of UST Systems Cost?

Janet CornettJuly 24, 20180

There is no single answer for this query since UST systems cleanup costs depend on a number of factors. The costs can range from hundreds to millions of dollars depending on damage sustained by

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How to Report a release from a UST system?

Janet CornettJuly 23, 20180

In case there is a release from an underground storage tank (UST) the incident has to be reported to the local agency within 24 hours. The duration may differ according to different agencies. In

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How Can I Choose A Leak Detection Method and Make Sure It Works?

Janet CornettJuly 22, 20180

A leak detection method that works for your underground storage tank (UST) will depend on several factors. This includes installation, maintenance, operational costs, configuration of the facility, temperature adjustments, as well as the availability

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What Is The History of the Federal UST Program?

Janet CornettJuly 14, 20180

Till the mid 1980s most underground storage tanks (USTs) were made of steel. Unfortunately, the material eroded with time making hazardous leaks inevitable which ultimately poisoned water supplies and soil. To prevent this from

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What Records Must An Owner or Facilitator of UST Should Keep?

Janet CornettJuly 10, 20180

To ensure your facility meets expectations, you have to maintain certain records. These can be presented to an inspector as proof so make sure that they show your facility’s latest compliance status. Here are

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What Are The Reporting Responsibilities of UST Operators and Owners?

Janet CornettJuly 9, 20180

As a UST operator or owner, you have to notify the implementing agency for the following: Fill out and submit a notification form for your implementing agency when you first install a UST. This

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