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The objective of this eighth module is to draw attention to important operating parameters of the POWER GENERATOR. A review of fundamentals is included as an aid to understanding the significance of generator control.

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- The generator's function: energy conversion.
- Features of generator construction.
- Stator winding, rotor winding.
- Static exciter, collector rings, rotating exciter.
- Open cycle air cooling.
- Closed cycle air cooling.
- Advantages of hydrogen cooling.
- Hydrogen pressure control, leakage compensation.
- Hydrogen seals, seal oil system.
- Hydrogen explosive range.
- Procedures for purging.
- Fundamentals of AC generation.
- Relationship between frequency, speed, and number of poles.
- Single phase and 3-phase generation.
- 3-phase system.
- Required conditions for synchronizing.
- Controlling generator power output.
- Combined operation of governors.
- Load sharing between parallel generators.
- Static excitation system.
- Brushless excitation system.
- Effect of changing excitation current.
- Control of voltage and MVAR output.
- System demand for MVARs.
- Generator MVA output.
- Power factor.
- Generator capability curve.



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