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At last! A Property and Casualty licensing curriculum presented in a plain-English, no-nonsense manner designed with one objective in mind, a passing score on the State Insurance Licensing Exam. This state-of-the-art learning resource introduces you to the required information in a logical, progressive sequence.

You begin with the definition of risk and are then guided step-by-step through the most intricate issues of Commercial Policies and Workers Compensation Liability. You will enjoy the crisp, conversational style that practically eliminates the tedium of learning, and you will appreciate the use of important interactive strategies that help adults understand and remember.

What Is Included?

Let’s be candid…the most expensive mistake some students make is to shortcut their preparation, fail by one point and then have to pay the full cost of retaking the exam. The Premium Licensing Package helps avoid all that by providing all the essential tools that will enable you to pass the State Licensing Exam on your first attempt.

A.     Online Prep Course B.     Resource Guide C.     Instructor Connect A. Online Prep Course features: The Online Prep Course will allow you to learn and remember the critical insurance vocabulary, concepts and products that will be tested on your State Licensing Exam. You’ll find no fluff, no nice-to-know, no war stories…just the essential information that you will need to obtain your license. This crucial knowledge is presented in easy to read, user-friendly language that is devoid of legal complexities and legislative mumbo-jumbo. We’ve even taken care to clearly define the insurance terms before we use them. The instructional content is reinforced with: ·    Interim quizzes in the format of your state exam so that you may monitor your progress easily ·    Key Points summary at the end of each chapter that reduces the critical information to less than a page ·    An extensive glossary/index that allows you to effortlessly define or locate that important term you simply cannot remember ·    A rigorous final exam designed to tell you if you are adequately prepared for the State Exam ·    State Law material translated into plain English which simplifies the section of the test that causes 70% of the failures. B. Resource Guide features: The Property and Casualty Resource Guide mirrors the content, sequence and style of the Online Course. It fleshes out the subject matter, serves as a useful reference and provides a format that can be easily highlighted to organize and reduce the tedium of note taking. A Perfect Partnership: 360Training.com, Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leader in online education. Our cutting edge technology platform has served over 3 million students in over 70 countries, and we offer certification and training in over 25 separate industries. When we decided to offer insurance licensing courses, we sought out the leading Course Designers in the insurance field. We ultimately chose to collaborate with Sagamore Training Systems, LLC headed by Wayne Gordon and J. Mac Spears. Wayne worked as VP of Pictorial Publishers for over 20 years when Pictorial was the largest insurance publisher in the US. He then served 13 years as National Director for Pearson Vue which is the company that writes and administers the insurance exams in over half the country. Mac serves as Editor-in-Chief for Sagamore. Mac has authored four insurance textbooks that have been highly acclaimed from coast to coast. He has served as a subject matter expert on National and State test development committees and worked as an educational design consultant for some of the largest companies in the insurance business. More than 200,000 students have participated in Mac’s insurance licensing workshops…invariably leaving the classroom with a smile on their face and departing the testing facility with a passing score in their hands. Mac’s team of editors includes classroom instructors, insurance company trainers and testing engineers who have actually built insurance exams for use across the country. The Sagamore editorial team has as its motto, “Dull is a 4 letter word.” Needless to say, we are proud of the expertise and reputation that 360Training.com and Sagamore Training Systems bring to the table in building a superior Insurance Licensing Course to aid you in your first important step into the insurance business. C.     Instructor Connect: This valuable resource provides access to a live instructor, for 30 days from date of purchase, who can tutor you on difficult concepts, answer any questions that you may have concerning the course content, work with you on overcoming test anxiety or simply clarify test procedures for your State Licensing Exam. ·    Availability: ·         Our live instructor is available to you from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST by phone and email (voicemail and email responded to within 24 business hours). ·    Exam Remediation: ·         If you should fall short on your first attempt to pass the State Exam, you are encouraged to send your results to your instructor. He will analyze your scores and develop a personalized review plan to organize your study and deliver it to you by email. You can then focus your efforts on the material that is most likely to produce a passing score on your next attempt. ·    Lead Instructor Bio: ·         Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M. Div. has over 30 years of insurance industry experience that includes being a claims adjuster, commercial lines underwriter, claims adjuster, sales manager, agency owner, field representative and Director of Training for a major insurance carrier. Jack holds over 12 years experience as an insurance pre-licensing instructor. During his tenure as an instructor he has trained over 13,000 students with a 90%+ licensing exam pass rate. Jack has been a co-author of numerous insurance text-books, frequent industry speaker, and served 9 years at the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, one of the nation's leading providers of advanced insurance designations. Most importantly, Jack is a master at communicating even the most complex concepts that you might encounter on your State Exam with language and examples that are instantly understood by entry-level students.   Online Course Outline: Your state insurance regulators built an Exam Content Outline which dictates the information which we must include in the Online Course and Resource Guide. Parts I through III of the Course and Resource Guide make up the “national core” portion (useful in any state). Part IV is the State Law section of your course. Part I: Property and Casualty Fundamentals ·    Chapter 1 Building a Property and Casualty vocabulary ·    Chapter 2 Contract Law ·    Chapter 3 Basics of Property Insurance ·    Chapter 4 Basics of Liability Insurance Part II: Personal Lines ·    Chapter 5 Homeowners and Dwelling policies ·    Chapter 6 Personal Auto Policy ·    Chapter 7 Watercraft and Flood policies Part III: Commercial Lines ·    Chapter 8 The Commercial Package policy ·    Chapter 9 Commercial Property ·    Chapter 10 Commercial General Liability ·    Chapter 11 Crime and Fidelity Bonds ·    Chapter 12 Equipment Breakdown Coverage ·    Chapter 13 Other Commercial Policies: Auto, Marine & Farm ·    Chapter 14 Business owners Policy ·    Chapter 15 Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Part IV: State Insurance Laws ·    Chapter 16 General Tennessee Insurance Law ·    Chapter 17 Tennessee Property & Casualty Insurance Law ·    Chapter 18 Tennessee Property Insurance Law ·    Chapter 19 Tennessee Casualty Insurance Law Online Access Period: A. Online Prep Course: ·    You have 90 days from the date of purchase to access the Online Prep Course. ·    360training.com, Inc. will provide a one-time extension of 90 additional days for a nominal fee of $29.95. Please contact our enrollment advisors for more details at 888-360-8764. Buyer’s Right to Cancel: 360training.com, Inc. offers a reasonable return policy to our customers. Please read the information below to understand your options. ·    As long as the Online Prep Course has NOT been completed, you have 3 business days from the date of purchase to request a full refund minus a $15 non refundable processing fee. Please send an email request to support@360training.com or call customer support at 800-442-1149 to initiate a refund. When does the Resource Guide Ship? The Resource Guide ships within 4 business days from date of purchase. Customer Support: Please visit our support website for additional information at www.360trainingsupport.com      

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